Without the generosity of our sponsors the Bristol Forum would not be possible:

Burges Salmon

Burges Salmon is an independent UK law firm that focuses on quality, value and collaboration; they work across England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland with international partners. For more information on their services and expertise visit www.burges-salmon.com.


Connected Communities is a multi-million pound research programme designed to help us understand the changing nature of communities in their historical and cultural contexts and the role of communities in sustaining and enhancing our quality of life.

The programme addresses a number of core themes including: health and wellbeing; creative and digital communities; civil society and social innovation; environment and sustainability: heritage; diversity and dissent; participatory arts.



UK - Bristol University

Research and Enterprise Development at the University of Bristol supports and works closely with academics, researchers, students and entrepreneur communities, providing funding, advice and opportunities. To find out more take a look at www.bristol.ac.uk/red/.

PolicyBristol enhances the impact and influence of research from the University of Bristol and brings together academics and policymakers for collaborative work.


UPP Foundation (@UPP_Foundation) | Twitter

The UPP Foundation helps to tackle the biggest problems facing the higher education sector, offering grants to universities, charities and other higher education bodies. As part of the UPP Foundation’s work, they have created the Civic University Commission, an inquiry into how universities can successfully serve their civic role. Visit upp-foundation.org for more information on the UPP Foundation and the Civic University Commission.