Welcome to the Bristol Forum

Creating positive action through research and collaboration

The Bristol Forum is an initiative inspired by the One City Approach. The aim of the Bristol Forum is to bring together researchers with organisations across the city to address the challenges we face. In March 2019 the University of Bristol, University of the West of England and the City Office held the first in a series of events to ask how we work together to tackle inequalities in Bristol.

The One City approach aims to use the collective power of Bristol’s key organisations to make a bigger impact by supporting partners, organisations and citizens to help solve key challenges.

The broad aims of the forum are to:

  • Share intelligence, knowledge and insights relating to the challenges facing the city/city region
  • Create new opportunities for students, researchers, community organisations, businesses, trade unions and others to share their work, build collaborations and develop new action/research projects
  • Feed research findings and suggestions into the ongoing development of the Bristol One City Plan which is designed to put forward a vision and strategy for the future of Bristol going through to 2050

Over the coming months, we will ask organisations, businesses and communities from across Bristol to work with us to reflect on the first forum and ensure that it contributes to lasting change in the city.

This website will be updated regularly with news about the event and ways to get involved.