Call for Participation

Call for Participation

Deadline 10th January 2019

Submission Form 2019

The annual Bristol Forum is a new collaboration between Bristol City Office, the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England that aims to advance the problem-solving capacity of our city by bringing together innovative research and creative approaches to raise questions and address challenges relevant to the city and its vibrant communities.

The first Bristol Forum will take place in City Hall on Friday 29 March 2019.

 Using the One City approach, which aims to harness expertise from across the city to solve challenges, the 2019 forum will explore how academic research, communal engagement and collaborative action can re-build, re-frame and re-energise the city, with community interests put firmly at the centre. We will share research findings relating to the city and explore the relationship between the universities and the city, thinking about how researchers, the student body and university leaders can contribute to improving the city for all. A key focus of the forum is to identify actions that can be taken to improve the quality of life in the city.

We would like to invite contributions which explore how research, knowledge and practical action can address key challenges facing the city. This might include:

  • What are the findings of recent and current research on the challenges facing the city?
  • How do we collectively identify and address challenges in the city?
  • What activities are effective in engaging communities, researchers, educators, students and other actors in addressing key challenges?
  • Ideas for generating new collaborations.

The event will be free to participate and we welcome community organisations and researchers, civic leaders and businesses, educators and digital technologists, heritage specialists and environmental experts, artists, performers, creative imaginaries and all others with an interest in making Bristol an inclusive, prosperous and sustainable city. We welcome a diversity of views and inputs and want to provide an opportunity for those voices that do not normally get heard in citywide debates to contribute their knowledge and insights.

The Bristol Forum will be a highly interactive event with sessions that bring everyone together around broad themes and a variety of sessions focussed on specific topics and initiatives. Our aim is to create an interactive and informal space for dialogue and ideas which move beyond silos or simple presentations of research findings. To do so we would like to invite you to co-produce some of the sessions together with us.

We welcome the submission of proposals of 500 words that address the key questions above or set out other challenges in Bristol by Thursday 10th January . 

Please submit here: Submission Form 2019

Suggestions for Submissions

We are keen to curate an inclusive and interactive event and, therefore, encourage the submission of a variety of proposals. These could be:

Short presentations and poster sessions

These fast and dynamic presentations or displays are an ideal innovative format to communicate research findings and test preliminary ideas. They may be particularly useful for those wishing to present new directions and innovations. You will have 5 minutes to pitch your ideas, which will be followed by a curated conversation. Please submit a 500-word abstract identifying the topic, how it will fit with the overall theme of the event, which specific ideas you will explore and what conversations you would like to spark.

Outdoor activities

These sessions include any walking, outdoor or city visiting activities that will take approximately 90 minutes. Please submit 500 words to explain what your trip/walk would look like, how it would relate to the overall theme of the event and what contingency planning you would have in place, should the weather decide to meddle in your plans.


You could present new research findings relating to Bristol or pose challenges relating to the City of Bristol (no more than 15 minutes). Talks will be grouped into sessions so that they can be held in conversation with other relevant speakers and ideas.

Workshops and practical sessions

These sessions could be used to tackle urban challenges in a hands-on, practical way. They can be used to develop actionable, step-by-step guides to deal with specific issues in Bristol or develop a collaborative approach to challenges.

Interactive talks or experiential sessions

Some forms of engagement and research may require a higher level of audience participation or a more creative use of space. For example, an interactive talk, an art, music or dance piece, or you may wish to create an interactive dialogue with the audience or create a small physical spaces/community corner, where you can develop an experience or an installation. In your submission please explain how you would use it to address the core themes of the event.

We also welcome any other suggestions you may have for sessions, for example hands-on activities or demonstrations of technology could be submitted.

If you would like further guidance on your submission, please contact us at: